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Baladna's mentionable achievements
05/09/2011 - 08:42
  • Baladna is the only independent national Palestinian youth organization in Israel.
  • Around 5500 youth participated in Baladna's various activities and programs last year.
  • Hundreds of visitors for Baladna's website each day.
  • Thousands of youth have graduated from our programs over the past five years.
  • The majority of these graduates are in positions of leadership for various political and social projects.
  • Dozens of community projects are completed by the youth groups every year.
  • Baladna produced the first ever manual in Arabic on teaching identity in non- formal education in Israel.
  • Baladna produced the first ever manual on debate in Arabic.
  • Baladna produces a number of theoretical and practical tools and resources every year to act as study and teaching aids for leaders of youth groups.
  • Momken is the first and most comprehensive information site for Arab youth in Israel.
  • Jafra is a giving Palestinian youth within Israel, within the West Bank, Gaza and Worldwide the opportunity to make links with one another.
  • Baladna gives the largest amount of scholarships in the Arab society in Israel.
  • Baladna is the main organization that is giving young people the opportunity to travel abroad and participate in cultural exchanges.
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