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Baladna's Goals and objectives
05/09/2011 - 08:45

Baladna works to enable and strengthen the Arab youth’s understanding and application of the principles of democracy and gender equality, pluralism and tolerance, youth empowerment and community building, as it is part of a growing trend towards building independent institutions and striving to equalize the Palestinian community's relationship with the State. In conjunction to this, Baladna engages the youth with discussions and debates concerning the history, grievances and culture of Palestinians inIsrael, the occupied territories and Diaspora.

Baladna is the first attempt of its kind to focus on youth and to place them at the center of educational and social action.

The organization's focus on youth is fundamental to the larger movement of Palestinian activists withinIsraeland is the only organization that exists inIsraelwith such a focus. Working to create an organization run by young people who can answer young people's needs in structure and content, our organization is the first place for Palestinian youth at the centre of educational and social action.

 Balancing our work to strengthen the Palestinian identity, Baladna also aims to address internal problems within the Palestinian society; encouraging a Palestinian culture based on pluralism and democracy capable of neutralizing factionalism and guaranteeing social and gender equality. We work to cultivate a healthy balance of pride and self-critique as a framework for developing genuine, durable, individual and collective identity, strengthening youth capacity and enabling young people to express their full leadership, cultural, and creative potential. Baladna strives to foster a strong sense of identity in Palestinian youth living inIsrael, which consequently spurs community engagement and inspires self-motivated social change. The organization is a member of Ittijah – Union of Arab Community Based Organizations and ofYAP– Youth Action for Peace.

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