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Youth for a Peaceful Society Project
10/09/2020 - 12:55

Aim of the Project: To understand and address rising crime and intracommunal violence in the Arab Palestinian society, particularly as it relates to youth


Partner: Coventry University



  • Gathering and analyzing data on organized crime with a focus on the sociological roots of the phenomenon
  • Case studies and interviews in 5 localities to further understand how criminal organizations have embedded themselves in and leveraged the vulnerabilities of Arab Palestinian communities
  • Dissemination of the findings of the case studies and analyses
  • Strategizing to address the violent reality and its impact on youth
  • Implementation of a pilot strategy to mitigate the impact of violence and organized crime on Arab Palestinian youth



  • A report on homicides in the Arab Palestinian community
  • A report on the underlying causes and factors underpinning organized crime and intracommunal violence, including case studies of 5 localities particularly impacted by the violent reality
  • The identification of collective strategies that are rooted in a deep understanding of the broader social, political, and economic context to address the violent situation and its impact on youth
  • A replicable pilot for addressing the impact of intracommunal violence on youth