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10/09/2020 - 14:01

Harak: Youth Leadership


Aim of the Project: To enable Palestinian youth to effect transformative change by equipping them with the tools and skills to develop and implement needs-responsive action plans, which will materialize into sustainable services for youth in their localities



  • Youth groups in 8 strategically-selected localities (120 youth) undergo an intensive training program, equipping them with the necessary tools to lead their own social change processes, deepening their understanding of the societal and political conditions that have given rise to their marginalization, and enhancing their appreciation for principles of democracy, gender equality, and human rights.
  • The youth groups, with the support of Baladna’s project coordinator, carry out local needs assessments, identifying the main challenges facing youth in their communities
  • Each group reviews the results of the needs assessment process and identifies priority areas around which to build their interventions
  • Each group builds and implements their own action plans, giving rise to eight community change processes aimed at generating needs responsive services by the end of each process



  • Youth groups in 8 localities (120 youth) are trained in personal and collective identity, gender equality, democracy, time management, and volunteering and leadership
  • A report outlining the needs of Arab Palestinian youth in the target localities
  • 8 youth-led community change processes
  • 8 needs-responsive services for youth are established as a result of the youth community change processes