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Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Scholarships 2017-18
27/12/2016 - 17:49

Birkbeck School of Arts will award up to 12 fully funded Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Scholarships beginning in 2017/18.

The competition for these awards will be decided on the basis of academic merit, with the results announced in Spring 2017.


We welcome applications from candidates wanting to conduct doctoral research in all areas of the following fields in the School of Arts:


- Arts and Humanities


- Arts Management


- Cultural Studies


- English and Humanities


- History of Art, Architecture, Museum Cultures and Photography


- Film, Screen Media and Television


- Journalism


- French and/or German Comparative Literature and Culture


- Japanese


- Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Culture


Details of other full awards, such as the competition for Bloomsbury Studentships and specific awards under named calls, will also be listed as they arise. Please check the website for notifications, application procedures and staff contacts.


Application deadline: Monday 16 January 2017.



For more information click here.


Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Scholarships 2017-18

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